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James Mackie is an experienced creative designer with an extensive range of hands-on skills. He is backed-up by a small team of equally talented and friendly staff and an array of highly skilled craftsmen and contractors all dedicated to providing the highest quality of service. The Mackies experience is one that inspires confidence and peace of mind. The personal service the company offers is customer focused, dedicated to ensuring that everyone receives the right product or service for their needs. He was taught gilding and specialist painting in London by a craftsman who had done restoration work at Buckingham Palace and for Aspreys. He then started to make and paint furniture and became a member of the Guild of Master Craftsmen.

This was a very interesting period house with rooms of differing architectural styles. It was decided to celebrate the variations and to emphasise the contrasts. In the panelled study (a super example of the Arts & Crafts style) a colourful Zoffany paper from the correct period was used together with luxurious velvet curtains in a vibrant blue. By using complimentary colours in these drapes and other details the rich tones of the woodwork really came alive. In the red dining room a Cole & Son paper with metalic gold design was used together with a Busby & Busby silk damask on curtains and blinds. Luxurious trims were employed to add oppulence. We used a Vaughans chandelier and Mackies also supplied two unique armchairs and recovered all the dining chairs in the marvelous Zoffany Figaro velvet stripe. We also made a luxurious table runner in a green LeLievre silk and two colours of napkins for the table settings in a plain linen. The paintwork is all Farrow & Ball with two colours of rich white and Green Ground to the ceiling to balance the reds. In the painted panelled sitting room four colours of Farrow & Ball paint were used and two sofas were supplied in a rich aubergene. Scatter cushions in green and purple piping pull the scheme together. The pale drawing room had already been decorated using Farrow and Ball wallpaper and paint. Mackies finished the room with a design that incorporated an opening ottoman stool in Osborne and Little 'Pullman', curtains in Scutt and Coles, new trims and a series of tailor-made scatter cushions.

These are just some details from the beautiful and historic Hipping Hall restaurant and hotel near Kirkby Lonsdale, Cumbria. This was an extensive project that involved too much to detail here. The comprehensive design brief incorporated the supply of specially designed furniture, all fabrics, paint schemes, lamps/lighting, mirrors, oil paintings, accessories, throws, canopies etc. An exciting and rewarding job, this project used the very best of everything and, in keeping with the philosophy of the client, there was absolutely no compromise. The design concept was simple; a rich and luxurious environment with touches of contemporary drama is to be enjoyed whilst eating Bruno's sumptuous food followed by a crisp, clean experience when retiring to the bedrooms. Much has been made of the design throughout the many rave reviews that this hotel continues to receive. It is a project that Mackies is particularly proud of and Hipping Hall cannot be recomended highly enough. Go eat! Go stay!

Another enjoyable project on a more modest scale. This charming victorian terraced house was to have a fresh contemporary look throughout it's ground floor on a fixed budget. Mackies arranged all contractors as usual and a scheme involving the use of large mirrors, wooden floors, new sofa and stool, curtains, blinds, window seats, contemporary gas fire and specially designed storage shelves was agreed. Much of the dirty work happened while the clients were on holiday. Reflective feature wall papers, soft Farrow and Ball colours, use of glass and mirrors all helped to create a much bigger feeling of space. An illuminated shelf system was designed and made for books and all the other trappings of a busy family. Many small problems were overcome during the project by having James and all the tradesmen on hand throughout. James considers this to be one of the jobs where the difference between before and after is very pronounced.

How to shrink open pores at home

Open pores occur at a younger age due to uncontrolled oil secretions by the oil glands surrounding the cheeks. If the necessary action is not taken to eliminate them, dead skin, debris and dirt from the environment get trapped inside the pores leading to skin infections, e.g., acne outbreaks, pimples, etc. Several products designed specifically for acne treatment have emerged over the years. Acnezine, which is both an antioxidant and a skin moisturizer from http://acnezine.org.uk/, is one of the commodities that helps to keep open pores under control and brings back facial beauty thus restoring confidence to users.

Facial Skincare

Woman on couch

There are several home remedies that have been designed specifically for skin nourishment, which removes dirt from the pores to restore the health of the skin. Several formulations have been made on salicylic that enable it to penetrate the sebaceous to eliminate keratin plug which contains sebum, bacteria and debris. Therefore, washing the face with salicylic acid, which is only recommended for oily skin types, kills acne bacteria without getting stuck inside the pores hence causing dryness, burning, itching, stinging and peeling. Dermatologists also recommend the use of lasers for skin collagen re-modeling to reduce open pores.

Other natural remedies for skin protection, readily available at our homes for use at home include; Aloe Vera gel which cleanses the skin of any dirt to shrink large pores and egg white that is known for its ability to tighten enlarged pores and treat acne. Baking soda is an anti-inflammatory and antibacterial agent, with the ability to remove complications of open pores like pimples, by getting rid of impurities and regulating the skin ph. Argan oil, jojoba oil, Multani mitti, olive oil, lemon, and pure honey also help reduce pore size and diminish their appearance. Judging from users’ positive responses, these products have worked out for many as per their expectations.

Latest trends in interior design

Our modern style of living is busier and more confusing than that of a person living a century ago. Every day we travel through chaotic traffic just to get from one place to another and we are close to losing our minds in a whirlpool of work assignments, social interactions and community obligations. That is why the need for a peaceful and friendly design in our home is mandatory. When you get back from work in the evening, you don’t just want to enter a house, you want to enter a sanctuary. Here are just a few of the latest trends in interior design that will transform your home into a haven of tranquility.

Forget single-colored walls. No matter what your favorite color is, splashing it all over your living room might soon lead to a change in your chromatic preferences. Here’s an example: if you like blue, don’t pick a single nuance of azure for your walls. It might spell serenity, but it also takes boredom and monotony to new, higher levels. Instead, go for a dark blue that slowly transcends into lighter shades until it reaches a subtle hue of pink quartz. It looks like the perfect breaking of the dawn and it will make for a lovely background that many of your friends on  will admire.

A metallic look does not have to be cold. If you are tired of your bathroom cabinets or even the countertop drawers in your kitchen, you might discover that they can be completely changed with a single touch of style that will cost you very little. Instead of changing the whole furniture, just change the silvery, aluminum handles with red, fiery ones made of brass, copper or gold. Ask other users on  if they know how to craft these spectacular items of furniture jewelry. You might find that the right craftsman is only a click away.

Oversized pieces are real eye-catchers. Throw away your traditional, conformist furniture! Making your home a replica of an Ikea showroom is far from the sanctuary you are looking for. Instead of spending your nights on  at  by standing on a regular office chair, choose one that looks like an oversized thimble. This will amuse any user who has access to your webcam. Ask an interior designer to go on a quest for ridiculously-sized furniture pieces like a table that resembles a large chessboard, a rug that looks like a giant shoe, or a bookshelf that mimics a huge needle.

Trade in technology for family time. Nowadays, most living rooms are equipped with large display screens, surround sound systems and computers. Unfortunately, the price that we pay to stay connected is the special time of family bonding which we all crave for when we are away. A new trend implies keeping a smaller room for your computer, where you can safely chat on, and remove all the electronic devices from your living room to keep that quarter only for family activities.

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